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The Pancake Chase story

The Pancake Chase

 written by Robin, Swallow, Kingfisher and Owl Class (in that order)


One day (which happened to be Pancake Day) Barton school was making pancakes. They made over one hundred delicious pancakes. Most of them were eaten on the spot; suddenly one of the pancakes leapt out of the frying pan and started to roll out of the hall!


Their mouths watering, the hungry children, chased after the adventurous pancake. The plump pancake smashed through the thin glass, shattering glass everywhere.

“Stop or you’re in detention!” screamed Mrs Coulson. Along with the other teachers, she sprinted swiftly after the rolling pancake.

SPLASH! As Mrs Coulson dived into the freezing waters of the pond. Meanwhile, the pancake rolled steadily round the edge, giggling as the Headteacher bobbed up with a duck on her head and algae on her clothes.

Looking for a place to hide, the pancake saw the Number 18 bus to Cambridge roaring towards him. It toddled on the bus and travelled to Cambridge…


When it got off the bus it felt lost and alone. Rolling all the way to the Fitzwilliam Museum, he saw some dinosaur bones, a shiny piece of knight’s armour, some jewels and lots of paintings. All of a sudden, it heard a voice crying out: “Stop you lovely fat pancake, I’d like to eat you up!”

He rushed to the café and brought a pancake just as juicy as him. He put the pancake beside the statue of a lion so that the teachers thought it was him!



A very wet Mrs Coulson, climbed out of the pond. She was desperate to find the pancake, she followed the scent of lemon and sugar and jumped on the next bus to Cambridge. Arriving at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Mrs Coulson scurried around amongst the statues. “Aha! I have got you now!” she pronounced to the pancake sitting beside the lion statue. But, she quickly realised she had been tricked! Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the pancake sitting and relaxing in the café, having a cup of tea. “Just what I feel like after all this running around,” murmured Mrs Coulson and she went to join the pancake.


Sitting next to the pancake, she apologised, with a devious smile on her face. They shook hands and, in that moment, Mrs Coulson threw the pancake into her mouth. The pancake realised he had been betrayed, but it was too late now – Mrs Coulson had swallowed him whole.