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Stars of the Week

Week ending 21.06.24

PE Star - none (Robin Class on trip)

Reading Star - Qianyue, Swallow

Writing Star - Isabella, Kingfisher

Maths Star - Emeni, Owl

Golden tokens: Hugh C, Abram, Margot


Week ending 14.06.24

PE Star - Amelia, Kingfisher

Reading Star - Frank, Owl

Writing Star - Giorgia, Swallow

Maths Star - Amelia, Robin

Golden tokens: Isla C, Lewis, Elsie, Finn


Week ending 07.06.24

PE Star - Adam, Swallow

Reading Star - Seth, Robin

Writing Star - Evie W, Owl

Maths Star - Charlotte, Kingfisher

Golden tokens: Caleb, Danylo, Ethan, Toby


Week ending 24.05.24

PE Star - Erik, Owl

Reading Star - Griffin, Kingfisher

Writing Star - Wren, Robin

Maths Star - Noah, Swallow

Golden tokens: Noa, Chester, Emil, Isabel D


Week ending 17.05.24

PE Star - Alex, Robin

Reading Star - Charlie, Swallow

Writing Star - Dominik, Kingfisher

Maths Star - Josephine, Owl

Golden tokens: Arla, Sammy, Isobel L, Mary


Week ending 10.05.24

PE Star - Ted, Kingfisher

Reading Star - Benedict, Owl

Writing Star - Louie, Swallow

Maths Star - Poppy, Robin

Golden tokens: Saraya, Evie A, Edward I, Melody


Week ending 03.05.24

PE Star - Lara, Swallow

Reading Star - Reggie, Robin

Writing Star - Ines, Owl

Maths Star - Molly, Kingfisher

Golden tokens: Thomas G, Fergus, Alba, Alaina


Week ending 26.04.24

PE Star - Floss, Owl

Reading Star - Suzi, Kingfisher

Writing Star - Lily, Robin

Maths Star - Isla, Swallow

Golden tokens: Iris, Josh, Lyra, Sofia


Week ending 19.04.24

PE Star - Penelope, Robin

Reading Star - Emil, Swallow

Writing Star - Alexa, Kingfisher

Maths Star - Ivy, Owl

Golden tokens: Nooh, Abram, Freya, Red


Week ending 28.03.24

PE Star - Qianli, Kingfisher

Reading Star - Florence, Owl

Writing Star - Joylin, Swallow

Maths Star - William, Robin

Golden tokens: Lara, Margot, James, Luke


Week ending 01.03.24

PE Star - Bo, Swallow

Reading Star - Roman, Robin

Writing Star - Charlie H, Owl

Maths Star - Molly, Kingfisher

Golden tokens: Lewis, Alice, Edward B, Louie


Week ending 16.02.24

PE Star - Isla B, Owl

Reading Star - Amelia W, Kingfisher

Writing Star - Amelia O, Robin

Maths Star - Toby, Swallow

Golden tokens: Tilly, Sophie, Lyra, Josephine


Week ending 09.02.24

PE Star - Isabella W, Robin

Reading Star - Eliana, Swallow

Writing Star - Ethan, Kingfisher

Maths Star - Ines, Owl

Golden tokens: Finn, Giorgia, Isabel D, Thomas W


Week ending 02.02.24

PE Star - Archie, Kingfisher

Reading Star - Pearl, Owl

Writing Star - Isabella H, Swallow

Maths Star - Dana, Robin

Golden tokens: Gege, Caspar, Oakley, Luke


Week ending 26.01.24

PE Star - Saraya, Swallow

Reading Star - Alex, Robin

Writing Star - Isobel L, Owl

Maths Star - Hugh, Kingfisher

Golden tokens: Emeni, Basil, Josh, Abram, Charlie D


Week ending 19.01.24

PE Star - Arthur, Owl

Reading Star - Arla, Kingfisher

Writing Star - Mary, Robin

Maths Star - Molly D, Swallow

Golden tokens: Huw, Charlotte, Qianyue, Orla


Week ending 12.01.24

PE Star - Emma, Robin

Reading Star - Sammy, Swallow

Writing Star - Chester, Kingfisher

Maths Star - Frank, Owl

Golden tokens: Griffin, Eliana, Evie A, Roisin


Week ending 08.12.23

PE Star - Clara, Kingfisher

Reading Star - Pearl, Owl

Writing Star - Alaina, Swallow

Maths Star - Lily J, Robin

Golden tokens: Isabella H, Evie, Dany, Leo


Week ending 01.12.23

PE Star - Gege, Swallow

Reading Star - Iris, Robin

Writing Star - Lillian, Owl

Maths Star - Ethan, Kingfisher

Golden tokens: Benedict, Noa, Clara, Joylin


Week ending 24.11.23

PE Star - Ivy, Owl

Reading Star - Qianli, Kingfisher

Writing Star - Petra, Robin

Maths Star - Adam, Swallow

Golden tokens: Penelope, Melody, Bo, Freya


Week ending 17.11.23

PE Star - Red, Robin

Reading Star - Louie, Swallow

Writing Star - Isabella C, Kingfisher

Maths Star - Erik, Owl

Golden tokens: Alexa, Emil, Caleb, Wren


Week ending 10.11.23

PE Star - Oskar, Kingfisher

Reading Star - Caspar, Owl

Writing Star - Gege, Swallow

Maths Star - James, Robin

Golden tokens: Qianyue, Palden, Thomas W, Ted 


Week ending 03.11.23

PE Star - Giorgia, Swallow

Reading Star - Rupert, Robin

Writing Star - Annie, Owl

Maths Star - Alba, Kingfisher

Golden tokens: Isla B, William, Archie, Molly D


Week ending 20.10.23

PE Star - Emeni, Owl

Reading Star - Nooh, Kingfisher

Writing Star - Fergus, Robin

Maths Star - Lyra, Swallow

RE Star - Dana and Danylo, Robin

Golden tokens: Seth, Sophia H, Toby, Erik


Week ending 13.10.23

PE Star - Emma, Robin

Reading Star - Isla C, Swallow

Writing Star - Luke, Kingfisher

Maths Star - Daniel, Owl

Golden tokens: Suzi, Sammy, Ivy, Edward I


Week ending 06.10.23

PE Star - Oskar, Kingfisher

Reading Star - Flossie, Owl

Writing Star - Abram, Swallow

Maths Star - Tilly, Robin

RE Star - Bo and Isabella H

Golden tokens: Joylin, Frank, Amelia O, Sophie L


Week ending 29.09.23

PE Star - Alaina, Swallow

Reading Star - Oakley, Robin

Writing Star - Margot, Owl

Maths Star - Dominik, Kingfisher

Golden tokens: Addy, Reggie, Molly B, Saraya


Week ending 22.09.23

PE Star - Alice C, Owl

Reading Star - Qianli, Kingfisher

Writing Star - Poppy, Robin

Maths Star - Charlie D, Swallow

Golden tokens: Roman, Edward B, Lara, Bridget


Week ending 15.09.23

PE Star - Alice B, Robin

Reading Star - Noah, Swallow

Writing Star - Amelia W, Kingfisher

Maths Star - Evie A, Owl

Golden tokens: Finn, Eliana, Matthew, Isabella W