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Year 1


Can you go on PhonicsPlay and play Picnic on Pluto, selecting the Phase 5 digraphs we have learnt so far. 

Have a look out your window or in your garden and see what you can see. Can you write some 'I can see...' sentences describing what you can see. Don't forget to use your Phase 3 and 5 digraphs and tricky words in your writing. 



Collect up some small objects to help you solve some subtraction number sentences. Write yourself a number sentence using numbers within 20, eg 15 pieces of lego take away 10 pieces of lego equals 5. See if you can write down the number sentence too eg, 15 - 10 = 5.



Can you go on a minibeast hunt and see what you can find? Where do you think they might choose to live? What microhabitats can you find and why are the minibeasts suited to living there?