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Year 1


Go on PhonicsPlay and play Picnic on Pluto, selecting the Phase 5 digraphs we have learnt so far. 

Choose a book that you like to read at home and see if you can retell part of the story. Don't forget to spell your tricky words correctly and use capital letters and full stops. 



In maths we have been learning about 10s and 1s. Choose something to represent 10 (eg a piece of spaghetti) and something to represent 1 (eg a piece of small pasta). Now see if you can build different numbers up to 50 using 10s and 1s. For example 43 would be 4 10s and 3 1s, so 4 pieces of spaghetti and 3 pieces of pasta. You could write the numeral to go with it as well. 



This half term we have been learning about life cycles. Can you have a go at drawing a life cycle for a frog or a butterfly thinking about all the changes that happen.