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Even in Year 5 and 6, daily reading of increasingly demanding texts in a variety of genres remains a vital element of the school curriculum. In Owl Class, reading is embedded in every subject across the curriculum. To access the content and concepts being taught, the children need to be fluent readers who can evaluate what they have read independently and with confidence. In UKS2, children need to be able to sustain reading for up to 45 minutes and be able to understand and evaluate the vocabulary the author has selected, make predictions about plot and character, retrieve facts and make inferences from them. They should be able to identify common themes between different authors as well as describe stylistic features common to the books of one particular author. The children need to be able to express preferences about their book choices and give reasons for their decisions based on the content of the book about the way it has been written. Children become less willing to read out loud to an adult or to be read to by an adult, though these remain important features of the children’s reading development. Listening to audio versions of books can be a good way to achieve this.

White Rose Booklets

If you would like to support your child with their maths learning, White Rose Maths have provided free workbooks for each unit throughout the school year.  Therese will generally reflect the work the children will be completing in class throughout this unit. Used in conjunction with the termly overview and progression documents, these will give you a clear understanding of what your child will be learning in each unit this year.  See the link below:

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