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Children in Swallow Class will be bringing home a reading record to monitor their reading at home. Children who are using these regularly will be awarded house points. They will also be Benchmarked each term to ensure that they are reading at an appropriate book band for their level. In addition to these school library books, children can bring in a book from home, as part of our focus on reading for pleasure and enjoyment. Please ensure these books are named so that they can be returned to their owner should they wander off!


Reading continues to be important as the children progress through LKS2. In Swallow Class, reading is embedded across the curriculum, in English, Maths and all other subjects. Those children who are sufficiently fluent readers and have developed their stamina will therefore be able to access their learning with increasing independence and confidence, which will in turn accelerate their progress in all areas of learning.  Children should be able to read for a sustained period (up to 30 minutes by the end of  Year 3, and 45 minutes by the end of Year 4) and show their understanding of what they have read in a variety of ways. In order to increase their fluency and stamina, children should be reading for a sustained period between 3-5 times a week at home.


Reading out loud to an adult continues to be as important as it was in KS1, as this can aid children in developing their expression and decoding of unfamiliar words. It is also beneficial for children to listen to books read to them by adults, as this can expose them to more challenging texts as well as developing an appreciation of reading for pleasure together. Where children are reading independently, it is still crucial that they are able to discuss their reading with an adult, to check, monitor and enhance their understanding. For some ideas with how to discuss their reading with your child, see the below prompts.



Reading prompts to discuss with your child: