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Year 1


Go on PhonicsPlay and play Buried Treasure, selecting Phase 3 digraphs and Phase 5 digraphs.

Choose a book that you like to read at home and pick a setting from it to describe. See if you can think of lots of adjectives you could use to describe it. Eg there might be a dark, gloomy cave, or a bright, glistening ocean. Now write some sentences about your setting using the words that you have thought of, don't forget your capital letters and finger spaces! 



Can you collect some objects from your house and order them from shortest. Next pick two object to compare the height of and see if you can write this as a comparison sentence using > < or =, eg lego person < pencil. You could also use a ruler to measure them and write this down as well, eg 5cm < 12cm. 



This half term we have been learning about Grace Darling. Can you make a poster or booklet to tell people about what she did. Here is a video that might help.