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Reading at home

In Reception and Year 1 this is a brilliant way that you can help your child in their learning. Please share a story book each day with your child as well as listening them to read their banded reading books. 

We send the children home with banded books matched to their phonic ability and a reading journal which they can change independently during the week. The teacher and any other adult who reads with your child will make a note of this in the log. Children will have a Reading Journal in which you can record their reading frequency, and any notes you like.  Children should read with an adult every day if possible.  This might be sharing and talking about a picture book, an adult reading a bedtime story, or the child reading aloud from their school book or one from home that they can read fairly easily.  



Please engage your child in practical, everyday Maths at home. For example, this could include looking out for numbers on doors when on a walk, counting toys or counting two groups of objects to see how many there are all together. This is a great way to help your child with their number knowledge. Later in Year 1, the children will start 99 Club which helps children with their number bonds. Initially, home learning for maths will focus on practical Maths, counting, number recognition and recall, particularly number bonds. 


Home Learning Project 

At the end of each half term, we will ask the Year 1 children to make a presentation about an area of personal interest linked to our topic work.  In the past we have had posters, stories, home videos, powerpoints, quizzes, models, cookery, art, music.  Please read the header at the top of the project suggestions sheet; the key point is that the child takes ownership of the project and achieves most of the work independently with a little help from a supportive adult.


As well as the weekly suggestions for home learning, below you will find some general learning resources which you might like to try.