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 Click the stars to watch pronunciation guides for all the sounds we learn in Robin Class.

In Reception we learn the phase 2 and 3 sounds.

In Year 1 we learn the phase 5 sounds.


Useful words we use in phonics - 

Phoneme: The smallest unit of sound that can be identified in words. We also use the term ‘sound’ but your child may use the word ‘phoneme’. There are 44 phonemes/sounds in the English language.

Grapheme: A letter or group of letters used to represent a phoneme in writing.

Segmenting/Decoding: To break down (‘sound out’) a word by identifying the sounds

Blending: putting sounds together to make a word (eg c-a-t cat)

Digraph: A grapheme made of two letters that make one sound (eg the ‘sh’ in ‘shop’.)

Trigraph: A grapheme made up of three letters that make one sound (eg the 'igh' in night).