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Summer 2 home learning projects

Below is a brief reminder of why we do Home Learning Projects, and what we are hoping they will achieve:


1. We envisage each presentation taking about 3 hours to prepare i.e. half an hour or so a week over the half term.   Aim for a presentation of between 3-5 minutes. Every child is expected to prepare a presentation; they enjoy watching each other's work and are a perceptive audience! Starting early is usually the key to a successful presentation, and allows the children to speak confidently about their learning.


2. Whilst it is fantastic that the preparation for the presentations is a shared activity, it is important that the end result is the child's own so that they can speak confidently about their chosen topic, and answer questions from the other children. Linked to this, please avoid copying and pasting - it is much more beneficial to the children if they can show their understanding in their own words, even if an adult types or scribes this for them. Children are also able to speak and present more confidently when they can read and understand the information that they have brought to show.


3. There is no expectation with regard to how you and your child wish to record their learning.  In the past, children have used the visualiser to show pictures, tables and graphs, created their own PowerPoints, made booklets, posters, photograph montages, built models and explained the steps they took to make them, created interactive quizzes, and so on.  We would, however, prefer the presentation to be "live" rather than prerecorded so that they have the chance to practice public speaking in front of an audience.