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Covid Absence Day 2

Day 2 - Maths


Please try and complete the following activities attached below.


Year 5 - Mixed percentages activity. Use the following website to help you: 


Year 6 - Percentages of amount worksheet.


Use the following website to help you with both the Year 5 and Year 6 work:

Day 2 - English - Letter


Please spend today planning for a letter to send to your headteacher. This can be about any issue you wish to write about.


Please use the planning sheet to guide you or plan independently, if you feel comfortable. I have also attached features of a letter to help you think about what to include. You can also watch this video to help you:

Day 2 - RE (Holy Communion)


Please complete the 'Holy Communion' sheet attached below, answer the questions and then create a poster. Use the PowerPoint below to help you understand more.