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Covid Absence Day 2

Day 2 - Maths


Use the finding percentage of amounts poster to help you work out the answer for these questions and word problems.


Activities for Both Year 5 and 6

Activity 1 - Percentage of amount Worksheet

Activity 2 - Can I find percentages of amount worksheet

Day 2 - English - Colons and Semicolons


Please watch the videos to help remind you about semicolons and colons.

This will help explain how to use them in order to complete the activities below.


Year 5 Activity

Activity  - Using colons or semicolons sheet. Please choose one of the three levels to complete, depending on how comfortable you feel with them.

Year 6 Activity

Activity  - Year 6 Using Colon and Semicolon worksheet

Day 2 - RE


Have a go at learning about Jesus through art. There are a few activities on these sheets with an opportunity to design your own stained-glass window.