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Stars of the Week

Reading Star of the Week

5th Apr - Isabel D (Kingfisher)

29th Mar - Finlay (Swallow)

22nd Mar - Natalya (Owl)

15th Mar - Frank (Robin)

8th Mar - Cayleigh (Kingfisher)

1st Mar - Chloe (Swallow)

15th Feb - Lauren (Owl)

8th Feb - Alice (Robin)

1st Feb - Edward (Kingfisher)

25th Jan - Sam (Swallow)

18th Jan - Thomas (Owl)

11th Jan - Caspar (Robin)


Writing Star of the Week

5th Apr - Lily G (Swallow)

29th Mar - Louis (Owl)

22nd Mar - Caspar (Robin)

15th Mar - Erik (Kingfisher)

8th Mar - Lily M (Swallow)

1st Mar - Isabel (Owl)

15th Feb - Benedict (Robin)

8th Feb - Henry (Kingfisher)

1st Feb - Louis (Swallow)

25th Jan - Charlie B (Owl)

18th Jan - Pearl (Robin)

11th Jan - Lily (Kingfisher)


Maths Star of the Week

5th Apr - Elizabeth (Owl)

29th Mar - Freya (Robin)

22nd Mar - Thomas (Kingfisher)

15th Mar - Isabella (Swallow)

8th Mar - Nicole (Owl)

1st Mar - Sofia (Robin)

15th Feb - Evie (Kingfisher)

8th Feb - Enzo (Swallow)

1st Feb - Toby (Owl)

25th Jan - Florence (Robin)

18th Jan - Joanna (Kingfisher)

11th Jan - Henry (Swallow)


PE Star of the Week

5th Apr - Caspar (Robin)

29th Mar - Sanemi (Kingfisher)

22nd Mar - Fred C (Swallow)

15th Mar - Morvern (Owl)

8th Mar - Pearl (Robin)

1st Mar - Joshua G (Kingfisher)

15th Feb - Jonah (Swallow)

8th Feb - Louis (Owl)

1st Feb - Charlie (Robin)

25th Jan - Francis (Kingfisher)

18th Jan - Isaac (Swallow)

11th Jan - Nicole (Owl)


Certificates for displaying school values

5th Apr

Cain (Owl)

Chloe (Swallow)

Jessica (Kingfisher)

Pearl (Robin)

29th Mar

Josie (Owl)

Enzo (Swallow)

Theodore (Kingfisher)

All of Robin Class

22nd Mar

Alex (Owl)

Katie (Swallow)

Lily (Kingfisher)

Arthur (Robin)

15th Mar

Connor (Owl)

Maya (Swallow)

Henry (Kingfisher)

Flossie (Robin)

8th Mar

Rose (Owl)

Charlie (Swallow)

Felix (Kingfisher)

Arthur (Robin)

1st Mar

The Netball Team (Owl)

Joseph (Swallow)

George (Kingfisher)

Evie (Robin)

15th Feb

Ziggy (Owl)

Henry (Swallow)

Thomas S (Kingfisher)

Annie (Robin)

8th Feb

Morvern (Owl)

Romeo (Swallow)

Odysseas (Kingfisher)

Freya (Robin)

1st Feb

Natalya (Owl)

Isaac (Swallow)

Josh (Kingfisher)

Ivy (Robin)

25th Jan

Jos (Owl)

Ellen (Swallow)

Isabel T (Kingfisher)

Freya (Robin)

18th Jan

Elizabeth (Owl)

Fred S (Swallow)

Jessica (Kingfisher)

Sofia (Robin)

11th Jan

Joshua (Owl)

Bethany (Swallow)

Manon (Kingfisher)

Alice (Robin)