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Stars of the Week

Reading Star of the Week

18th May - Connie (Robin)

11th May - Sam (Kingfisher)

4th May - Ziggy (Swallow)

27th Apr - Sophie (Owl)


Writing Star of the Week

11th May - Felicity (Robin)

4th May - Jonah (Kingfisher)

27th Apr - Emily (Swallow)


Maths Star of the Week

18th May - Annie (Swallow)

11th May - Alex (Owl/Swallow)

4th May - Henry (Robin)

27th Apr - Bethany (Kingfisher)


PE Star of the Week

18th May - Ellen (Kingfisher)

11th May - Josie (Swallow)

4th May - George (Owl)

27th Apr - Ashdon (Robin)


Certificates for displaying school values

18th May

All Year 6 Pupils (Owl)

Natalya (Swallow)

Seth (Kingfisher)

Lewis (Robin)

11th May

James (Owl)

Harry (Swallow)

Fred (Kingfisher)

George (Robin)

4th May

Emily (Owl)

Morvern (Swallow)

Phoebe (Kingfisher)

Francis (Robin)

27th April

Jude (Owl)

Joshua (Swallow)

Isaac (Kingfisher)

Edward (Robin)