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Stars of the Week

Reading Star of the Week

15th Feb - Lauren (Owl)

8th Feb - Alice (Robin)

1st Feb - Edward (Kingfisher)

25th Jan - Sam (Swallow)

18th Jan - Thomas (Owl)

11th Jan - Caspar (Robin)


Writing Star of the Week

15th Feb - Benedict (Robin)

8th Feb - Henry (Kingfisher)

1st Feb - Louis (Swallow)

25th Jan - Charlie B (Owl)

18th Jan - Pearl (Robin)

11th Jan - Lily (Kingfisher)


Maths Star of the Week

15th Feb - Evie (Kingfisher)

8th Feb - Enzo (Swallow)

1st Feb - Toby (Owl)

25th Jan - Florence (Robin)

18th Jan - Joanna (Kingfisher)

11th Jan - Henry (Swallow)


PE Star of the Week

15th Feb - Jonah (Swallow)

8th Feb - Louis (Owl)

1st Feb - Charlie (Robin)

25th Jan - Francis (Kingfisher)

18th Jan - Isaac (Swallow)

11th Jan - Nicole (Owl)


Certificates for displaying school values

15th Feb

Ziggy (Owl)

Henry (Swallow)

Thomas S (Kingfisher)

Annie (Robin)

8th Feb

Morvern (Owl)

Romeo (Swallow)

Odysseas (Kingfisher)

Freya (Robin)

1st Feb

Natalya (Owl)

Isaac (Swallow)

Josh (Kingfisher)

Ivy (Robin)

25th Jan

Jos (Owl)

Ellen (Swallow)

Isabel T (Kingfisher)

Freya (Robin)

18th Jan

Elizabeth (Owl)

Fred S (Swallow)

Jessica (Kingfisher)

Sofia (Robin)

11th Jan

Joshua (Owl)

Bethany (Swallow)

Manon (Kingfisher)

Alice (Robin)