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Pupil Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

The Pupil Premium Grant

The Pupil Premium was introduced in 2011 and is believed to be the best way to address the current underlying inequalities by ensuring that funding to tackle disadvantage reaches the pupils who need it most.  It is allocated to schools to work with pupils who have been registered for free school meals at any point in the last six years (known as “Ever 6 FSM”).  Schools also receive funding for pupils from families who are members of the armed services or children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months.  National data has shown that these groups can be particularly vulnerable in their rates of progress and children in Cambridgeshire reflect this trend.


We use rigorous tracking to follow the progress of all our Pupil Premium children.  Barton Church of England (VA) Primary School invests the additional money we are allocated in initiatives that will benefit the whole school community, including particularly Pupil Premium children, in providing targeted “additional learning” in small groups or in one to one sessions and in enrichment opportunities and emotional support. 


The overall aim of this provision for the premium monies is that these children should, wherever possible, have any barriers to their learning removed in order to “close the gap” in the level of performance between children who are Pupil Premium and those who are not.  We may use positive discrimination to ensure that they are able to make the most of all learning opportunities open to them, including taking part in school trips. 


On the pages below, we have summarised the current provision for Pupil Premium pupils.  The first table shows the summary of planned provision from April 2016 to April 2017.  Following that, is the information regarding the impact of our Pupil Premium funding in the previous year. 


If you would like further details of how the school makes use of Pupil Premium money or would like to see if your child is eligible, then please do ask in the School Office or speak directly to the Headteacher, Mrs Coulson.  Children who qualify for free school meals are not marked out in any way.  There are also details of the Cambridgeshire County Council website:


In 2016/2017, Barton CE Primary School has been allocated £14,520 pupil premium funding for 11 pupils.  The funding has been allocated as follows:

How the funding is intended to be used


  Intended Impact

Interventions in small groups and teaching support in class in core subjects (Reading, Writing, Maths)


 All children make at least expected progress and are supported to achieve Age Related Expectations (ARE) wherever possible.

Children’s individual learning needs are addressed through relevant interventions, leading to accelerated progress.

Special Educational Needs equipment and resources and individual sessions


 Extra practical maths equipment for home use and follow-up with parents.  Online resources available at home and school.

To increase parental engagement with learning and accelerate progress.

Materials to meet individual children’s needs.

Trips organised for classes


  Equality of opportunities.

Year 5/6 Residential


  Equality of opportunities and confidence building for all.

Morning club -  before school care


  Attendance and readiness for school for all pupils.

Clubs after school


  Enrichment activities to enable a broad experience.

Music Tuition


 Enrichment learning opportunities.



  Pupils have the same opportunity to feel part of the school community

Progress is monitored regularly by the Headteacher, SENCO, class teachers and teaching assistants. Use of Pupil Premium funding, and the impact that it has had on pupil progress, will be reported to staff, governors and parents.



In 2015/2016, the amount of Pupil Premium funding is £15,680 and there are 11 pupils. The funding has been allocated as follows:

How the funding was used



Teacher led feedback time with individual pupils


Progress and feedback is of the highest quality and tracked weekly.

Teaching Assistant-led interventions and support in class


Improved progress in basic skills and specific areas of need in learning

62% of PP pupils have made accelerated progress in Reading, Writing and Maths. 85% have made good progress in Reading, Writing and Maths. 40% PP pupils are meeting Age Related Expectations.

Pupil confidence and self-esteem increased, leading to a more positive attitude to learning.

Social skills and behaviour skills groups


Specialist training and provision of some therapy groups e.g. Play Therapy and counselling impacting pupils’ attitude and motivation for learning.


Extra support at breaktimes


Confidence with play and interaction with other children.

Purchase of online resources to support curriculum areas


Accelerated progress in key curriculum areas of weakness.  MathsWhizz programme for pupils during the summer holidays and in term time have increased maths expectations.

Part cost of Y5/6 Activity Week


Pupils gained confidence and independence in a challenging setting.

After school clubs


Increased social and extra curricular activities including resources.

Other school trip contributions


Pupils gain wider, out of school experiences which contribute to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Music tuition


Pupils take part in learning opportunities to enrich and develop learning.

Pupils are able to take part in activities that other pupils have access to.

Progress is monitored regularly by the Headteacher, SENCO, class teachers and teaching assistants. Use of Pupil Premium funding, and the impact that it has had on pupil progress, will be reported to staff, governors and parents.