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This week’s geography is all about the counties of the UK.   Please don’t try to do all the activities, I have included far too many for one week!  If you can look at the PowerPoint, which explains a little bit about what a county is, that will give you a good idea of this week’s work.  Then, if you have time, you can pick and choose any activities that you like the sound of.  


  1. Following on from the powerpoint, there is a worksheet where you will need to do some research about Cambridgeshire. If you would prefer to research a different county (perhaps the county you were born in or a county you have visited on holiday), that would be super - and then I can enjoy learning about different places.  I have included the Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland sheets in case you would like to do somewhere other than Cambridgeshire.
  2. Find out about the Cambridgeshire flag or coat of arms.
  3. Use Digimap to identify cities and counties in the UK.  Then you might like to spend some time exploring Digimap….
  4. The first of two tricky activities to learn the location of different counties.  The first one is a set of cards.  Scroll down to page 6 for suggestions of games to play.
  5. The second is similar, but is an on-line site where you can practise locating different counties. I think it is very hard - so you might like to ask an adult to join in the challenge with you!

Activity 2 - find out about the Cambridgeshire flag or coat of arms

Activity 4 - game cards

Activity 5