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Thursday 21st May

Year 3 English Thursday

Year 3 Maths Thursday

Year 4 Maths Thursday

Confident Mathematician Extension Work


Have you ever been to London?  London is the capital city of England, and is an exceptionally interesting place to visit – but have you ever wondered why it is the capital, why it developed as a city in the first place and what it used to look like going back in time?  We will be trying to find answers to these questions this week in our topic session.  Dr Walker has made you a fascinating power-point about London, from when it first developed as a settlement right through to the present day.  Have a look at this first to learn lots about London through the ages and then try one of the activity sheets (1 star is the easiest, 3 stars is the most complicated – don’t try to do all three!)  You might want to look at the Twinkl power-point as well to help with the sheets as it has lots of clues to help you answer the questions.


This week’s Digimaps activity is to do with the Greenwich Meridian Line - which is in London! There is a link to a short video from Digimaps  and then link to a quiz.  Good luck!