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PSHE and Spanish


As usual, choose from one of the following ideas:

Find a Spanish song on YouTube and learn it.


Research a Spanish speaking (not Spain) country and produce a presentation all about it.



Today we will be considering mental health. 

Please follow these instructions below:

1. Make a collage of words (could be a mindmap) of words that you associate with mental health.

2. Have a look at the mental health definitions in the resources pack below. Weigh up which you think sums up mental health the best. Have a look at this website to best help you understand mental health

3. Have a go at the activity cards (in resources pack), sorting them into the following categories: every day, sometimes, if there is a problem, rarely, or not at all.

4. Have a look at the following scenario about Jay


Jay enjoys drawing cartoons and skateboarding. Jay is quiet and thoughtful, has good friends and likes school.
Mostly Jay feels generally happy, although like everyone, Jay has ups and downs.
Jay has recently started feeling sad. Most days the sadness seems to come and go, but some days it feels as
though a dark cloud is gathering above and following Jay around all day. Skateboarding takes Jay’s mind off it and
when the feelings start to get stronger Jay draws a cartoon that shows the feelings and the cloud.
Jay feels very sad most of the time. Every day when Jay wakes up, Jay feels the day ahead is just too much.
Everything feels grey and dark. Jay is finding it hard to concentrate at school and some days doesn’t want to go to
school at all. Nothing seems enjoyable anymore, not even skateboarding! Jay’s friends are worried.


5. Plot Jay’s mental health on the thermometer in the resources pack, then suggest ways to strengthen Jay’s ability
to cope, so that Jay can manage his well-being to avoid moving in to the struggling zone, and reduce his
chances of being in the unwell area.