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Monday 18th May

Year 3 Maths Monday

Year 4 Maths Unit  week beginning 18.05.20

This week's unit is a revision of your understanding and calculation methods for multiplication of up to 3 digits by 1 digit.

It would be useful for all of you to have a go at it and revise these basic skills.

However, for some of you, this unit will not prove very challenging.  In this case, I have included a more demanding (Year 5) Unit extending your previous work on decimals.  

Furthermore, Dr. Walker has written some brain-teasing time-based problems, too, and don't forget to give the Flashbacks a go for a bit of variety and revision.

Send any Dr. Walker answers by email and I will pass them on to Dr. Walker - she does not have access to Tapestry. 
Good luck, math whizzes!

Mrs. Papworth 

Year 4 Maths Monday

Year 4 Confident Mathematician Extension Work

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