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¡Hola! Dear Parents and Pupils,

Like practising a sport or learning a musical instrument in order to perform well in competitions or in a concert, languages require regular practice and reinforcement. Consistency, revising and learning using the little and often strategy, ideally 3-5 minutes a day, will enable consolidation of previous learning and further improvement can be made in Spanish.
For this reason, Quizlet is a wonderful free online and motivator tool, where pupils can have access to vocabulary, to learn and assess their progress without needing the support or supervision of an adult.
Quizlet will not only help you explore different tools for learning vocabulary, but will also allow you to keep track of your progress in learning your words.
You’ll find attached a PowerPoint which explains step by step how to create an account, join a class and how Quizlet works.
¡Hasta pronto!
Madame Alexandra Jarry
Teacher of Spanish


Word lists

The word list for the current Spanish unit (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) is attached below. 

Times tables

By the end of Year 4, the aim is to know all times tables up to 12 x 12. We practise these several times a week in class, but regular practice at home also helps children embed these. 


Here are a few ideas and resources for practising times tables:

Maths practice

Our weekly homework sheet will always let you know what topic we are focusing on in maths each week. If you would like to support your child with a topic, then a good website for practice games is From here you can look at other Yr3/4 topics,  and the website has links to other resources.

The old BBC Bitesize site also has lots of games and quizzes -


Please let me know if you would like any help finding resources.