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COVID Lockdown.

Unfortunately, due to this evening's announcement of a Tier 5 Lockdown until mid February, Swallow Class will be closed on Tuesday 5th January. 

Information about how we will organise remote learning for all children will be shared with you at the earliest opportunity.

Best wishes

Swallow Staff

Welcome back to the Spring Term, Swallows! 

We hope you had a restful Christmas after all your hard work in the Autumn Term, and are looking forward to coming back for lots more exciting learning this term. Thank you very much for our lovely Christmas gifts. We are very much looking forward to seeing you all again after the break!


This term we are going to be exploring Europe, and learning lots about the different countries that make up this continent. You can see some of the things we'll be learning about in the upload at the bottom of this page. 


Please look carefully at the Homework section below, as there will be some small changes this term. 


 A few important reminders:

  • Please continue to bring a named, waterproof coat to school every day, so that we can keep getting outside as much as possible!
  • Pencil cases should remain in school for the term. Please check that children have the necessary resources, (school can provide any if needed) and that they can fit comfortably in children's drawers.
  • Please make sure that children are wearing correct PE kit on PE days (usually Tuesday and Friday.) This includes suitable footwear for being outdoors, such as trainers, a white T-shirt, black shorts or joggers and a sweatshirt.  
  • Children's snacks should be a fruit or vegetable each day. Please ensure that any plastic pots are named, as they can get easily lost or look similar to another. 




This term we will be transitioning to using Google Classroom for homework. A letter will be sent home early in Spring Term with more information. During this transition homework will be uploaded to both Google Classroom and the Home Learning section of the website. 


This term, children in Swallow Class will be expected to practise spellings and times tables in preparation for weekly tests, complete their projects, and aim to read for 30 minutes each day. Please see below for more information about each of these. 


Homework: Spellings

Children have been divided into groups, based on their spelling scores in tests, retention of these spellings over the term, and spelling in their written work. There will be weekly spellings for each group, linked to their phonics work in class. These will be sent each Friday via the Home Learning section of the website. There is also a summary of the spellings for each group for the term in the Home Learning section of the website. Spelling tests will happen on Thursdays each week. 


Homework: Times Tables (99 Club)

This term we are introducing 99 Club in Swallow Class. At the end of Year 4, children will be tested on all times tables facts, up to 12x12. Children should be able to answer these questions within 6 seconds. 99 Club aims to improve the knowledge and recall of times tables facts, by gradually increasing the difficulty and quantity of questions for children to answer in 5 minutes, in order to prepare children for this statutory assessment.  

Children have been given a 99 Club level, based on their times tables assessment at the end of the Autumn Term. There will be weekly 99 Club tests each week, also on Thursdays. Children will also be given the opportunity to practise their level in class each week. To move up a level, they need to complete all questions in their level correctly within 5 minutes.

Children should practise their level at home each week. This can be done in one sitting, or a selection of questions each day. When completed, the practise sheet can be uploaded to Google Classroom. Practise sheets are available in the Home Learning section.  

Additionally, children can access Times Tables Rockstars to consolidate their times tables learning.


Homework:  Projects

As in previous terms, each child will be expected to make a presentation to the class on an area of interest, selected from a range of ideas provided by class teachers, in the final two weeks of each half term.  This term, the ideas will be linked to our geography and science work.  You will find a summary in the Home Learning section.


Homework: Reading

To help improve reading stamina, children should be aiming to read for 30 minutes each day at home. This could be independently,  or to an adult. Children reading independently should be able to answer questions and tell an adult about what they have read, to ensure that they are understanding their reading properly. 

To minimise movement between settings, children will have one reading book to stay in school, and one or two reading books (depending on length and complexity) to take home.  Reading books will be one of the few items that can be moved from home to school.   Returned reading books will be isolated and covers cleaned before being put back into the class's general choosing box.



Just a quick summary of the best ways to communicate with the class teacher.

In the short term, teachers will not be at the school entrance, but waiting at the classroom ready to welcome the children.  A member of the leadership team will be stationed at the two entrances. Swallow Class children should come to the School Lane entrance. 

You can also contact us by email:

If the issue is urgent for that day, please email the office as emails to teachers are unlikely to receive an immediate response.  If you need a longer conversation, we will happily arrange a mutually convenient slot to meet after school. Where possible, please try to copy in both teachers to maximise communication efficiency.



Please send your child to school in full, named, uniform each day, with the exception of Tuesday and Friday when children should arrive in their PE kit.  See below for a reminder of what a PE kit includes. Named water bottles are essential.


Each child will need their own pencil case from home containing a glue stick, writing pencil, colouring pencils, pencil sharpener and scissors.  Please avoid biros and felt tips.  Any children who do not have the necessary equipment will be supplied with their own from our classroom resources.  Pencil cases will not go home again until the end of each half term.  


Children will be given a writing pen once they have demonstrated excellent presentation and letter formation in a joined style over a period of time in order to earn their pen licence.  All children will start the term using a pencil.


Physical Education

PE will take place twice a week as usual.  Children will come to school on their PE days dressed in their PE kit. As a reminder, PE kit should include suitable footwear (e.g. trainers) a white T-shirt, black shorts or joggers and a sweatshirt for outdoor lessons.   Typically, PE in Swallow Class will happen on Tuesday and Friday. Named water bottles are essential. No PE bags in school.



Please could you ensure that your child has a waterproof coat in EVERY DAY, regardless of the weather first thing in the morning, as we do try to go outside as often as possible.  As the weather gets colder, your child may want to bring a hat and scarves/gloves too, but please ensure that all items are clearly named, particularly if you have inherited clothing from older children or families who have moved on to Secondary School.  


School Lunches

Please book lunches in advance, either by the week or the half term.  You can also do this on the day, but it helps the kitchen to plan ahead and speeds up registration time if you have already booked. See the Parent Information section on the website for the link. Lunches will be eaten in the hall on cleaned tables after hands are washed.