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Welcome to the second half of Spring Term 2020 in Swallow Class!


The Spring Term is short compared to the Autumn term, but we have a great deal to pack into it!  Please do check the curriculum summary and timetable below for more information about what's ahead.   This half term's home learning project is available in the Home Learning section of the website, though paper copies will be coming home at the end of the first week.  We are trying out a new format for organising spellings, uploading them by the week, rather than by the group.  Please do let us know if this format makes finding your child's spellings simpler.  Don't forget our history linked trip to Celtic Harmony on Friday 6th March.  Swallow Class Sharing Assembly will be on Friday 20th March.


Please do look at the reading section below with regard to book banding and free choice book selection for home readers.



Just a quick reminder about communication: every morning, teachers and teaching assistants will be outside in the playground ready to welcome the children, so if you have any quick questions, concerns or messages for us, this is an ideal time to pass them on.


You can also contact us by email:

It is helpful if all emails are sent to both teachers, please.


Contact us directly via the office if there is an urgent issue; emails to the teachers are unlikely to receive an immediate response. If you need a longer conversation, we will happily arrange a mutually convenient slot to meet after school. 


Swallows Class Structure

Below you will find a typical weekly timetable for Spring Term. A summary of the areas of learning to be covered has also been added. Generally speaking, Mrs. Papworth will teach Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning; Miss. Cameron will teach Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.  Miss Allinson teaches Spanish on Wednesday and Mrs. Bates will be supporting groups every morning.  Mrs. Scarborough from CVC will be teaching a P.E. unit on Mondays.


Cold Weather Clothing


Although it is beginning to look more Spring-like (with the daffodils in bloom!), please could you ensure children have a coat every day. We try to go outside whenever feasible.  It would be tremendously helpful if all clothing and shoes were labelled clearly with the owner's name, including items that have been handed down from other families.  Gloves, scarves and coats are also difficult to return to the owner unless they have names written on one of the labels.


School Lunches

Please could you book lunches in advance, either by the week or the half term.  You can also do this the night before, if you prefer.   It is very helpful to our school caterer if you are able to do this and saves time in class in the morning during registration.  See parent information section on the website for the link.




The children have been divided into 6 groups according to the phonics they are being taught in class. Weekly spellings for each groups can be found in the Home Learning Section, organised into each week.  A paper copy will also be sent out each Friday.  Spelling tests will generally be on Thursdays. 


Home Projects

Home Projects for this half term have a science and history focus: Magnets; Stone Age and Iron Age. You will find a summary in the Home Learning Section of the website. A paper copy will be sent home too. Pupil's individual presentations to the rest of the class will take place in the final two weeks of term.  



Free Choice Readers: we have recently book-banded for content and complexity all of the free-choice books in the classes and library.  We have allocated a main and secondary band colour to each child to enable them to make informed and appropriate book choices according to their current age and ability.


Reading to and with an adult is still vital in Year 3 and 4. Reading journals and home reading books should come in to school everyday, but especially Monday when we will look through them.  There is a list of 100 appropriate books for year 3 and 4 children in the home learning section to guide your choices.


Please read together every day/evening you can; just before bed is an ideal time to share a book one to one. Children who read well, flourish in other areas of the curriculum.  Don't forget to ask some questions to check on your child's understanding.  They should also be encouraged to enjoy books on their own.   


Book bags should be placed in the book change box so that we can support children to replace them; you are welcome to change them as often as you wish. Children will continue to read with their class teacher every week in guided reading sessions.  Individuals will also be heard whenever possible.





Times Tables Rock Starts is well under way and the children seem to be enjoying it.  Try to maintain regular practice as often as you can.  The children should be able to login and get on with it independently.


Water Bottles

It is very important that all children have a named water bottle in class (not just in packed lunches) so that they can have a drink whenever they need one without disrupting their learning. Many thanks to all of you who already send your child to school with a water bottle.




Typical Weekly Timetable

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