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Finishing off an explanation text describing different aspects of Iron Age life, for example: clothing, farming, food, settlements, warriors, Druids.

Children will be editing their work over the course of the rest of the week (see Success Criteria below) and adding in illustrations and captions to go with each paragraph..

Lined paper is included separately, though each family should have a Home Learning book donated from school within the next day or so if your child has not already brought it home.


See week 3 for all groups (in Learning Resources as usual) - a mixture of Medium Frequency Words appropriate for this age group as well as words with the prefixes "super" and auto".  Don't forget we missed out a week of spellings due to Week 3's disrupted timetable as a result of Celtic Day, World Book Day and Celtic Harmony Trip. Week 4's spellings are the ones on the Week 3 list.

LO Include the key features of a non-chronological explanation in own writing about Iron Age


Non negotiables: handwriting, finger spaces, full stops, capital letters


Fronted adverbials for some sentences



Causal connective in some sentences: yet, as, that, now, accordingly, since, because, even though


Subordinate clause in some sentences



Commas for a list in some sentences



Technical or historical language



Past tense “ The Celts were.. it was…”



Formal style