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In your English studies this week I would like you to try and write a haiku poem.  I have uploaded examples for you to look at a summary of how haiku differ from other types of poetry. 


In addition, please focus on your group's spelling tests that are already on the website.  Furthermore, all year 3 and 4 children need to be able to spell all the words in the Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spelling Lists which we have arranged as Gems.  These are also on the Home Learning Section of the Website.  For those children who have already completed Gems spellings, they have been rearranged into Minefield spellings.


Above all, please keep reading EVERY DAY - it is the most vital skill of them all and is the building block for accessing all other areas of the curriculum.  Retell the story in your own words, illustrate what you have read, write thought bubbles as if you are one of the characters.  Try to read from a selection of genres, including poetry.


Practise your handwriting regularly, especially when you publish your final piece.  You all have handwriting books sent home to help you - use them carefully to make sure your letter formation is correct. I have downloaded the letter formation for you to refer to.