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Non-chronological report - Please complete these steps over the next 2 days

1. Please think of a non fiction topic that interests you. Example topics: WW2, sport, music artist, actor or country.

2. Read through the Ancient Greece non-chronological report (this hopefully should be somewhat familiar to you because I used it at the start of this academic year).

3. Write down all the features you think should be included within a non-chronological report. You could even highlight the Ancient Greece text if you are able to print. Please refer, after this, to this website to remind yourself of the features.

4. Spend some time planning your chosen topic. Think of four subheadings for four paragraphs that you can go into detail on.

5. Write your non-chronological report (this continues across to Friday so please do not rush your writing).

6. If you are super speedy (please don't rush) and finish with time to spare, then you can make sure you edit thoroughly.