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Day 3

Tasks For Today

  • Work through pages 10 and 11 (Using adverbs to add on information to avoid the use of “and”).
  • Use the adverbs “furthermore”, “in addition”, “additionally”, “also” to write a paragraph about what trolls like to eat.  Don’t forget to include adjectives too, especially alliteration (think about your work in session 2)

          e.g. sticky, squelchy pig-snout snot

  • Work through page 12   (More adverbs: “interestingly”, “surprisingly”, “amazingly”. Read the tips on the use of commas carefully.)
  • Write a descriptive paragraph of your own explaining what trolls like to eat.  Use at least 4 of the 7 focus adverbs in your paragraph: “furthermore”, “in addition”, “additionally”, “also” “interestingly”, “surprisingly”, “amazingly”.