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Hello Everyone!


Hope you are doing well and staying positive. Hopefully, you have an idea of what Barton's plan is through our video and I am just going to explain a few more things. I have set a variety of different activities and these will be found under the "Week Commencing..." For Maths there will be a variety of worksheets. In English, we are going to try to continue a genre a week. Lastly, the other section, will include some linked activities to other areas of the curriculum.

You are not expected to complete all of them but can complete them all if you wish. 


Listed below are some other activities not mentioned in the weekly learning that can be done, some which require logins (these are in their home-learning books). There is lots to be getting on with.



Please stay safe and I am thinking of you all. 

Best wishes,


Mr Farrant


P.S. Don't forget to watch the weekly Marbula 1 qualifying and race!