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Year 2 Phonics Practice

Please find below an information guide to the Phonics Screening check.  This is written for Year 1 parents as it is usually a check done at the end of Year 1.  As your Year 2 child missed this check due to school closures, we are obliged by the government to test the Year 2 children in the first week of December.  If any child does not pass the test it can be taken again in the summer with our current Year 1 children.  I administer the test one to one with the children and it is not at all stressful.  They are all used to the format which we do regularly in class as part of Phonics lessons.  There is no consequence to your child for passing or not, and it is just used by us to see which parts of phonics we need to practice more with each child.  

If you would like to practice this at home your child should break the word down into its sounds first - 




and then blend them back together to read the word.  This is what they have to do in the test.  If they read the word to me I will ask them to break it down and then read it again.  If your child writes the sound buttons on before reading the sounds to you that is very helpful - they are allowed to do this in the test. 


Please ask me if you would like any further explanation or help.


Common Exception Words - you could practise spelling these throughout the year.