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Welcome to the second half of the Autumn Term!  Nativity preparations are beginning and Christmas will be upon us before we know it.  Every morning, we will be outside in the playground ready to welcome the children, so if you have any quick questions, concerns or messages for us, this is an ideal time to pass them on. You can also contact us by email:

It is helpful if all emails are sent to both teachers, please. Contact us directly via the office if there is an urgent issue; emails are unlikely to receive an immediate response. If you need a longer conversation, we will happily arrange a mutually convenient slot to meet after school.

Kingfisher Structure

Below you will find a typical weekly timetable . A  summary of the areas of learning to be covered has also been added. Generally speaking, Mrs. Papworth will teach Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning; Mrs. Daniels will teach Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday. Mrs. Bates teaches computing.

PE Lessons

PE lessons will be on a Monday and Friday this half term, reverting back to Tuesday and Friday in the Spring. Please ensure children have a full PE kit in everyday. Ideally, we would like PE kits to stay in school on your child’s peg and go home for washing at the end of each half term.

Water Bottles

Please ensure your child has a named drink bottle in school every day. It should be kept in the allocated trays in the classroom and should be separate from drinks they keep in their packed lunch box.



The main focus for homework in Years 1 and 2 is reading. Your child will be allocated a reading book at an appropriate level within the first few days of the new term. Please read together every night you can. Children who read well, flourish in other areas of the curriculum. Books will be changed weekly, though you are welcome to change them more often if you wish. The children will be provided with a journal in which they can record their reading; this should be kept in their book bags and taken home each day. Book bags can be purchased from the office.


There will also be a list of specific words for reading and spelling each week . These will be tested the following week. These words will be a mixture of those corresponding to the week’s phonics teaching as well as ‘tricky’ ones(not corresponding to a phonics pattern). Copies of the focus words can also be found on our “Home Learning” page.


This term, we will also be asking the children to learn number bonds up to 10, 20 and 100, depending on their age and ability. Useful activities for learning number bonds are available on the learning resources page. We have assessed their current level and will reassess their progress after Christmas.

Home Projects:

Each half term, the children will prepare a project at home for presentation to the rest of the class in the final week of the half term. A summary of suitable themes and topics will come home in their book bags, but there is also a copy in the “Home Learning” page.


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