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Welcome to the Summer Term part ii!


A quick update on PE this half term. We continue to swim on a Wednesday afternoon, so children will need a full swimming kit to be brought in, including goggles if worn and flip flops or similar footwear for wearing poolside . We have two other PE sessions: Monday athletics (Premier Sport) and Friday Cricket ( All Stars Cricket Coaches).  Sports Day, weather allowing, is scheduled for 19th June on the afternoon when normal PE kit will be worn; school will provide a house team t-shirt of the appropriate colour.


We are visiting Auckland Road Synagogue on 24th June in the morning, but will be back at school for lunch as normal.

End of year reports will be sent home in early July. 


Keep an eye out on ParentMail for further details.


Please see below for other information, including spellings, topics to be studied and a typical timetable.




Just a quick reminder about communication: every morning, we will be outside in the playground ready to welcome the children, so if you have any quick questions, concerns or messages for us, this is an ideal time to pass them on. You can also contact us by email:

It is helpful if all emails are sent to both teachers, please.

Contact us directly via the office if there is an urgent issue; emails are unlikely to receive an immediate response. If you need a longer conversation, we will happily arrange a mutually convenient slot to meet after school.  Reports will come out just before the end of the term in July.



Kingfisher Structure

Below you will find a typical weekly timetable for Summer Term . A  summary of the areas of learning to be covered has also been added. Generally speaking, Mrs. Papworth will teach Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning; Mrs. Daniels will teach Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday. Mrs. Bates teaches computing.




The children have been divided into 3 groups according to the phonics they are being taught in class. Weekly spellings for groups 1, 2 and 3 are attached below. They will be sent out on Thursday and collected in on Tuesday.  Spelling tests are on Wednesday.  Home projects for this half term have a science focus. A summary has been sent home and is uploaded below.



This continues to be a focus for homework in Years 1 and 2 is reading.

Please read together every day you can; just before bed is an ideal time to share a book one to one. Children who read well, flourish in other areas of the curriculum.  Don't forget to ask some questions to check on your child's understanding - there are suggested questions in the blue reading journals. Bookbags should be placed in the book change box so that we can support children to rplace them; you are welcome to change them as often as you wish. The  journal should be used to record home reading; this should be kept in their book bags and taken home each day. Children will continue to read with their class teacher every week in guided reading sessions when reading journals will be checked and signed.



Water Bottles

 It is very important in this summer term that all children have a named water bottle in class (not just in packed lunches) so that they can have a drink whenever they need one without disrupting their learning. Many thanks to all of you who already send your child to school with a water bottle.


School Lunches

Just a reminder that you can book a whole half term of lunches in advance.  It is very helpful to DolceKitchen if you are able to do this and saves time in class in the morning during registration time.  Thank you to all of you who already make lunch choices ahead of time.

Spellings for each group can be found below


Spellings for Groups 1 and 2 include revision of some patterns that are still not secure from earlier in the year.  Parents of Group 2 children may wish to simplify the words if they are too challenging, so long as the main spelling focus is safeguarded.  For example, where the focus is split digraphs (a-e, e-e, i-e, u-e, o-e) the word "ripened" can be simplified to "ripe" as this shorter version still contains the key phoneme.  We are mindful that we want the children to revise the spelling pattern without being either under or over challenged.

Group 3 spellers should check for instructions regarding the addition of suffixes, particularly in weeks 2 and 3.

Happy spelling!

Spellings Summer Term part ii

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